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To answer the question, what do Scottish Fold cats eat you first need to know that feeding your Scottish Fold cats is not that complicated. However, its level of activity should be taken into consideration to meet its nutritional diet.  They’re not choosy eaters but it is highly recommended that cats, like many other pets, should be given the right amount of recommended food for balanced nutrition because what Scottish Fold cats eat can lengthen the life expectancy of your cat. In this article, you’ll learn what do Scottish Fold cats eat as well as feeding tips and foods that are good and harmful.

What Do Scottish Fold Cats Eat?: Nutrition Breakdown

Scottish Folds, like other felines, are meat-eaters. This is important to know and mind whilst pondering on your decision. If this is not adhered to, then you and your cat may face a long road of frustration and/or harmful food experiment. You may think they are picky eaters, but once it shows no bad effects once it tries out something, stick with two or three varieties. A good rule of thumb is to try out small portions of US pet – approved food with them. Remember that weight, breed and hybrid factor into how they should be fed. It is best to consult with your vet and get sound advice on the portions you should set out so that what your Scottish Fold cat eats will be healthy for him/ her.

Meat Eaters

Scottish Folds are meat-eaters. Its diet is limited and if not given the proper foods may seem like finicky eaters.  Its diet should be rich in protein, fats and meats. Scottish Folds don’t respond well to carbohydrates so foods based with such are to be eliminated from your grocery list and your feline’s diet. Keep in mind that Scottish Folds share ancestry with some of the larger wild cats you know of today. Wild cats are not vegetarians and neither is your Scottish Fold.

To curb frustration, like getting your Scottish Fold sick or spending insane amounts of money buying sacks of food it won’t touch, you’ll need to keep in mind that your pet needs protein, meats and fats and that it has a limited diet.

Small Portions

Scottish fold cats eat best on smaller portions during periodic times of the day. Be sure to check with your vet first as to how much food is the proper amount to give the cat. Once determined you should stick to this regimen. It may seem that you are underfeeding the cat but it works best for its health and happiness in the long run.

Foods to Avoid

Their little cute faces, tummies and overall health depend on meat to allow it thrive better. Below is a list of what Scottish fold cats can eat as well as what they should avoid.

  • You can avoid the long process of finding out what your Scottish Fold prefers eating by introducing small amounts of different varieties at a time.
  • If you opt to have backup canned meals for those busy days choose foods deemed acceptable by the American of Feed Control Officials.
  • A wiser choice as caregiver and guardian is to include cooking their meals when you cook yours. It isn’t a tedious a process as you think it is and it ensures that you are feeding it food you have control over in terms of freshness, selection and preparation. Not only will it ensure the nutritional balance, health and well-being of your Scottish Fold, you will also find that doing this will put less of a dent on your finances.  

What Do Scottish Fold Cats Eat?: Food for Your Kitten

It’s important to note that Scottish Fold kittens will need calcium. However cow’s milk, contrary to popular belief is not an ideal source of this vital nutrient it would need. Cow’s milk often gives the Scottish Fold kitten intestinal troubles and does not process cow’s milk well.

Instead, introduce and give your Scottish Fold kitten other dairy products like dollops of cream, yogurt or cheese two to three times a week at the beginning – increasing the amount and frequency you give it as it grows – on its own if the kitten will eat it plain.

Serving Amount

You can opt to mix in some boiled and finely chopped chicken breast to the yogurt or cream. Alternately you can mash cereals into the yogurt, cream or buttermilk. This serving amount, given several (6-7) times throughout the day, three times a week, will meet and work great wonders for its calcium needs nutritionally.

Your Scottish Fold kitten eats food like cereals like, buckwheat, brown rice or whole grain. Egg yolks are also a recommended staple to give your Scottish Fold cat or kitten two to three times as it grows. In the next section, you’ll learn what your Scottish Fold cat eats as they grow older.

What Do Scottish Fold Cats Eat?: Food for Your Adolescent Cat

As the kitten matures you will see slight shifts in its food interests. You will notice that your cat may now prefer lesser feedings and may even show disinterest toward the usual foods it used to gobble up happily. Your keen eye will tell you that this is the time when you will have to introduce meat to the kitten’s diet.

You will know when the growing kitten is ready for additional foods in its meals. They will usually display less interest in the usual kitty-food you’ve been giving them and this will be a good cue for you to begin introducing meat along with the other foods mentioned before in this book. Ask your vet about other acceptable grains and veggies which you can serve to your Scottish Fold – for variety and because some veggies are seasonal. Inquire about calcium intake and what food you can give to your Scottish Fold as it grows.

Mix Diet

Continue to include cereals, wheat, oats and rich in calcium dairy products in your growing cat’s diet as you start to introduce meats to its diet. Mix in a yolk of egg in its meals at least twice a week. Acceptable meats include boiled chicken and beef. Unacceptable meats would be pork and lamb.  For variety you may also opt to boil brown rice, whole grain wheat, cereals or buckwheat along with the cut of meat you.

A good source of its much needed iron – intake will come from liver. It is recommended that you give your Scottish Fold some liver with its meals at least once a month. Boil some liver in water. Once it is cooked, chop it up or run it through a food processor. Mix it with some boiled chicken or beef. You should opt to add a bit of oats and some boiled vegetables to the mix to give it a balanced diet.

As the Scottish Fold Cat grows you will notice that it’s feeding radically reduces in terms of frequency. When once you had to set out fresh food 5 – 6 times a day, you will notice that this job will radically be cut in half as your Scottish Fold matures. We hope you learned a lot about what do Scottish Fold eats, for more info check out more articles over the blog section.

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