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Can I keep African Grey as a pet? The best answer to this is that you have to first know if this is the right parrot for you. Some bird species are very welcoming to other pets but with African Greys? Not so much. Can I keep African Grey as a pet? The Timneh may be more capable of accepting new family members than the Congo, but as with all birds, behavior is highly individual. Nevertheless, Greys can learn to socialize and accept every member of the family. It depends largely on how you train it. Young African Greys often get along with other birds but if a mature grey is a first bird, it is more likely that it may not warm up to new birds unless they are carefully introduced.

Experts suggest that the best behaved grey parrots are those who were exposed to lots of change in the environment, noises and people because they become more adjusted. In this article, you’ll learn the answer to your question; can I keep African Grey as a pet?

Can I Keep African Grey as a Pet: What You Need to Know

African grey petsare loving, playful and highly intelligent birds. However, they can be quite sensitive, has a bit of temper; and needs lots of attention compare to other birds. They have a beautifully crafted complexity when it comes to their physique. But because of this the rice of the parrot ranges from is quite expensive because it has better speaking skills than other bird species. Greys don’t scream like other parrots, they only whistle, click and beep. They can be single birds, unlike other bird species, greys behaviors are highly individual. 

A few things that may not be likeable about them are that they like to chew things. Do not leave them out of the cage and unattended. They do not like to cuddle as well; they do not appreciate intense physical contact. Just a few scratches will do! You will find yourself constantly learning about these creatures. It will be an educational experience for you.

Can I Keep African Grey as a Pet: Owner Responsibilities

Can I keep African Grey as a pet? Owning an African Grey parrot is more expensive than an average bird, so make sure that before you buy one, you can cover the necessary costs it entails.  The initial expenses associated with keeping African Grey as pets include the cost of the bird itself as well as the cage, cage accessories, toys, and grooming supplies.  The price is generally higher for African grey parrots than the price for buying other types of parrots because of its ability to learn the nuances and intonation of human speech, which makes the prices of these parrots higher than other birds. It also depends on the size of the bird.

You will need a large, strong and secure cage. Cages of this size do not come cheap! You should buy something that preferably has lots of space suitable for cage play and activity. You will also need cage accessories like perches, lights, feeding dishes, stands, cage covers and harnesses for your African Grey Parrot. Accessories can be quite expensive depending on the brand as well as the quality of your purchase.

A Clever Breed

As one of the most clever parrot species, your African Grey needs plenty of stimulation to keep their intelligent and active minds entertained. Keep birdie boredom at bay with chewable toys for your Grey parrot.  As part of pet hygiene, your feathered friend needs to be cleaned and properly groomed. There are lots of grooming supplies that you can buy online or in your local pet store.

Parrot Essentials

Can I keep African Grey as a pet? The monthly costs associated with keeping an African Grey is definitely not for cheapskates! Some of the things that needs to be bought on a monthly basis like food supplements, cleaning materials and even veterinary care every now and then will definitely add up to your expenses.

Your African Grey needs a varied and healthy diet. There’s a massive selection of high quality seed diets, complete food and pelleted foods to choose from both online and in your local pet stores, as mentioned before, the cost will depend on the brand as well as the nutritional value of the food. Feeding a variety of these foods, alongside fruits and vegetables is the key to a healthy parrot. If your African Grey is a fussy feeder, then buy supplements including vitamins and minerals in which you can add to either food or water. You don’t need brand new cleaning supplies every month, but of course, you will run out of bird shampoo and soap eventually. Just include it in your budget.

Keep Them Healthy!

Always take your grey to an avian vet for any medical treatment.  Avian vets are trained specifically to work with exotic birds whereas a general practicing vet may not be familiar with their needs and treatments especially if they are sick, not to mention the medicines needed. In addition to all of these monthly costs you should plan for occasional extra costs like repairs to your grey cage, replacement toys, food supplements, medicines etc. You won’t have to cover these costs every month but you should include it in your budget to be safe. We hope this article answered your question can I keep African Grey as a pet? Stay tune for more posts!

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