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Chapter One: Biological and Historical Data

Chapter Two: Keeping Tonkinese Cats

Chapter Three: Selecting the Right Tonkinese Cat

Chapter Four: Housing and Accessories for Your Tonkinese Cats

Chapter Five: Essential Nutrients for Your Cat

Chapter Six: Housebreaking and Grooming Tips

Chapter Seven: Showing Your Tonkinese Cats

Chapter Eight: Reproduction in Cats

Chapter Nine: Common Illnesses of Tonkinese Cats

Chapter Two: Keeping Tonkinese Cats

We have learned the breed’s general information, as well as its history, physical attributes. We have known that this cat is a mixture of Siamese and Burmese, but now, we have to figure out if this breed is truly fitted for you and/or your family. Here, we will give you more information about the advantages and disadvantages of owning a Tonkinese cat. Aside from that, we will list down some legal requirements in keeping them as pets. Furthermore, we will also tackle its personality and behaviour with other pets and dogs, and the characteristics on why it is a great pet to own.

Behavior, Characteristics, and Temperament

If you want to have Tonkinese as your own pet, you need to know its personality and attribute. You need to figure out if the cat’s personality is a perfect match for you, especially if it likes company or now. In this section, we will give you information on its behaviour, characteristics, and temperament. Also, we will be talking about the cost of owning one, moreover, how to introduce or socialize this cat to other pet and cats.

Tonkinese cat is demanding yet affectionate. It knows that it wants to be on your lap and shoulder to carefully watch everything that you do, as well as the people around you. If your shoulder or lap isn’t available, it would find the highest spot it can reach – making sure that it could see everything happening on the floor. Otherwise, you can also see it going through the pantry where its treats are stored.

Other than that, we can say that the Tonkinese cat is sociable and smart. It likes to answer the door and mingle with your guests; they like to shower their affection to the guests. They love to play hide and seek, tag, and fetch to anyone in the room!

If you are working, it is advisable to purchase two Tonkinese cats. Tonkinese cats become bored easily and love attention. If you already have two, they can keep each other company. A lone Tonkinese cat may cause trouble in your living room.

Aside from the aforementioned traits above, Tonkinese cats are highly intelligent. You need to challenge their brains in order to keep them interested in life. You can do this through tricks and puzzles toys, but you should reward them with kibbles or treats. Also, you can train them through positive reinforcement and persuasion. A Tonkinese is also talkative; although its voice isn’t that loud and raspy like its Siamese ancestor.

Socializing with Children and Other Pets

Tonkinese cats are active and social, because of this, this breed is perfect for families especially with children, other than that they are also great with cat-friendly dogs. This breed plays fetch very well just like any dog, aside from that, it can learn tricks easily and loves the attention it will get from children, especially those who treats it politely and with utmost respect. It can live peacefully with any dog and cat, just to those who respect its authority. You must remember to guide and guard your pet when introducing it to a new environment; this is to ensure that they will get along together just fine.

Is this the Right Breed for You?


  • Tonkinese cats are a strong and healthy breed, because they are a crossbreed, they have few known illnesses.
  • They are very affectionate and hungry for love from their owners.
  • They are naturally curious, they want to know everything around them, so they stay on their owner’s shoulder or the highest place they can reach.
  • They get along well with other pets.
  • They are loyal to their owners as well as their families.
  • Tonkinese cats only need little grooming and upkeep.
  • They are very intelligent, they like to be trained but they can teach themselves to play fetch.
  • These cats are easily adaptable with other kids and pets.
  • They require little exercise and tend to be indoors or in an enclosed space.


  • They are known to be mischievous; they decide when to play and would never surrender until they play.
  • They do not like to be left alone or have little attention for them. Make sure your Tonkinese has a companion if you need to leave.
  • Tonkinese cats may have a tendency to be dominant, and even bully your other pet. You should supervise your cat if you are just introducing it to the family.

Cat Permits and Regulations

If you want to have your own Tonkinese cat, there are certain rules and regulations that you need to follow. This will ensure that you can travel inside and outside of your home country. However, licensing requirements for cats will vary on the country, state, and region.

The United States of America does not have any federal requirements for licensing your pets. However, these rules are regulated in their state level. Even though most states won’t require you to license your pets, it is till best to license your pet – this is a good protection for both you and your pet.

In this portion, we will give you the guidelines in acquiring a license for your Tonkinese cat for both in the United States and the United Kingdom.

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