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Chapter 1: Pueblan Milk Snake in Focus

Chapter 2: Pueblan Milk Snake Requirements

Chapter 3: Purchasing Your Pueblan Milk Snake

Chapter 4: Maintenance for Your Pueblan Milk Snake

Chapter 5: Nutritional Needs of Pueblan Milk Snake

Chapter 6: Pueblan Milk Snake Husbandry

Chapter 7: Breeding and Raising Pueblan Milk Snakes

Chapter 8: Keeping Your Pueblan Milk Snake Healthy

Chapter 1: Pueblan Milk Snake in Focus

, Chapter One: Pueblan Milk Snake in Focus, Pueblan Milk Snake

The Lampropeltis triangulum campbelli, better known as the Pueblan Milk Snake or the Campbell’s Milk Snake, is one of the many exotic snakes which have gained great popularity amongst hobbyist and reptile enthusiasts all over the world.  Sporting colorful, contrasting bands of white, black and red which complement its smooth and glossy appearance, Pueblan Milk Snakes are pretty unique and a really special creature.

Being generally timid and nonvenomous, the Pueblan affords itself a level of protection from possible predators by mimicking the appearance of its poisonous look-alike cousin, the coral snake. It has constantly been and continues to be a popular choice amongst herp- enthusiasts for a number of good reasons; it is overall a sturdy reptile with almost no inherited medical conditions which may manifest as the snake grows. Keeping one is not overly complicated or excessively challenging as compared to other reptile species. The Pueblan is truly an eye-catcher and a conversation starter.

Get to know more about the stunning Pueblan Milk Snake and understand what it would take to raise one of these colorful, easy-going creatures whilst providing it a good, healthy life under your care and roof. The next section will give you an overview of the Pueblan Milk Snake and some of its interesting facts. It will also guide you on the decision of owning one as having this type of pet is something really fascinating.

Facts about Pueblan Milk Snakes

Pueblan Milk Snakes if given a little time and patience are highly adaptable to new environments. They are easy to tame make them perfect pets for experienced and upcoming hobbyists.  Originating from the equally exotic lands of Mexico, the Pueblan milk snake has been able to travel the globe extensively, having reached shores far and wide and settling in their new adoptive countries. The occurrence of the Pueblan has been noted across a very wide range of areas and habitats where it is able to adapt to different conditions. They have been sighted as far north as southern Canada, throughout the Continental US, and all the way down into Central America.

Pueblans have been observed to enjoy a lifespan of 20 years, under the proper conditions and are able to thrive in various ecospecies and habitats in the wild. It is this adaptability which makes these snakes ideal pets because they are able to exist, tolerate and adjust to a variety of conditions. Pueblans have been seen in dense woodlands, vast prairies all the way up to rocky mountains.

They are most commonly seen and found in places which are barren, dry and experience little or no rain. The Pueblan is primarily adapted to exist in dry environments, but due to its highly adaptable characteristic it is able to easily settle down in new and unfamiliar surroundings with relative ease – given enough time to allow the Pueblan to get familiar and stake claim in its new home outfitted by its hobbyist keeper.

Getting Ready to Commit

A budding hobbyist will have to ask themselves some very direct questions whilst pondering the decision of whether or not they would be fit and able keepers of this beautifully, colorful creature. Acquisition of one could possibly be the easiest part of the adoption process but the long haul responsibility of maintaining quality of habitat as well as attending to and caring for the everyday needs of the Pueblan is something that you should consider because it will take much of your time.

A shift in the keeper’s future budget is to be forecast and expected at this point in order to estimate and prepare initial expenses during acquisition. Finances will have to be sorted out to set aside for incurred monthly expenses which shall go toward the upkeep and supplies of the Pueblan’s nutritional and environmental needs.

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