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Chapter One: Wegie’s Basic Information and Colorful History

Chapter Two: Why Norwegian Forest Cat is Perfect for You

Chapter Three: Finding the Norwegian Forest Cat Suited For You

Chapter Four: Taking Your Norwegian Forest Cat Home

Chapter Five: Feeding Your Norwegian Forest Cat Yummy and Nutritious Food

Chapter Six: Time to Groom Your Norwegian Forest Cat

Chapter Seven: Tips for Showing Your Norwegian Forest Cat

Chapter Eight: Building Your Relationship with Your Cat through Training

Chapter Nine: Keeping Your Norwegian Forest Cat Healthy and Safe

Chapter Two: Why Norwegian Forest Cat is Perfect for You

The basic information about the Norwegian Forest Cat is not enough for you to decide whether you really need to buy this breed as your own companion, there are a lot of things you still need to know about this fantastic little fur balls.  Norwegian Forest Cats are notoriously known as sole survivors. They can be their own bosses but still remain perfectly calm in any situation. If you think this kind of cat suits you, then let’s get it on! However, if you are still undecided whether you want to keep this as pet, you still need to read on and know more about this breed, because you never know – you might want a Norwegian Forest Cat in the future.

This section will deal on why the Norwegian Forest Cat is the best for you, we will be highlighting its pros and cons as well as the things you need to have prior to having the cat at home. Let us read on and know if the breed is just right for you.

This Is the Greatest Cat You Will Ever Have

The first pet you will ever buy will be the biggest decision you will ever do. There are certain things that you need to consider before you even step out and buy the pet. If you ever want to buy a cat, the Norwegian Forest Cat is a good choice for you.

The Norwegian Forest Cat is the pride and glory of Norway, where it is known to be a majestic cat that will surpass any weather condition due to its durable and trustworthy double coat. If you think taking care of a cat is that easy, you are probably wrong.

There are a lot of things that you need to know about this cat, such as its temperament around humans and other pets, grooming needs, training standards, show standards, and more.

A great thing about this breed is this history, there are several tales featuring this cat. Who would not want a famous cat as their pet? In this chapter, we will go in one by one and discuss why this cat is perfectly suited for you.

Temperament and Behavioral Characteristics

Although it has the ‘forest’ in its name, Wegie is not really that feral. This breed loves people, but does not really show it off. It will not ask for attention, unless you give the meals late, if this case happens, it will follow you everywhere and hang out wherever you are staying,

The Norwegian Forest Cat has a mellow attitude that makes it a perfect fit with families, especially those with children and other pets. Your cat will be comfortable in your family if you have raised it well. Make sure that your children the cat gently and with great respect that it needs.

It has an average energy level, not too active but not that lazy either. Just like any other cats, it appreciates having a great and high cat tree on which it will perch for long hours. Its great agility and strength will make it capable of scaling great heights without any effort.

A great thing about this breed is that it is not too vocal or loud, but will speak to you using soft meows and chirps. Wegies enjoy attention and smart especially during training sessions. You can challenge its brain through teaching him tricks and providing with toys, but do not forget to reward it with treats or kibbles, only when it learns to manipulate the thing.

Behavioral Characteristics with other Pets

Norwegian Forest Cat is great with other cat breed, however, it may need some time to interact and get comfortable with other pets.

If your cat is already well versed with the other cats and breeds inside your house, your cat will surely enjoy the company it can get. It will not really mind if it is not the only pet in the house, rather, it will enjoy having someone to keep as a company and friend.

You may need to supervise the initial meeting of your old pet with the Norwegian Forest Cat, to ensure that they will not fit and get along well.

Should I Get the Norwegian Forest Cat?

Buying a cat is a big decision; it will entail bringing up another creature in your life and taking care of it for a long time. However, this could be a great companion especially if you live alone, or just fond of animals. The Norwegian Forest Cat is a great choice as a pet, however, the breed is not really known and they might not be seen as opposed to the famous tabbies.

In this part, we will be listing down the positive and negative traits about the Norwegian Forest Cat. Make sure you weigh the pros with the cons before you finally choose if you want to buy this breed.

What’s Good about Them?

  • They are easily adaptable.

This cat easily adapts to change wherever it is. This breed is open to any changes in their life. The Norwegian Forest Cat will enjoy their life whoever they are spending it with.

If you are out of town, the cat will not panic if you will let other people take care of it. They are totally chill with whatever happens inside their house, they are very independent.

  • Wegies Love Children

Cats are notoriously known as aloof and unfriendly, especially when it comes to the little ones. However, you as a fur parent and if you have children, you would want that both of your children would get along together.

Norwegian Forest Cat loves kids! Wegies love to play with kids, spend their free time with them, and knows how to deal with it even if they get too handsy. Another plus for this breed, they will not get too aggressive with them in case they get too aggressive with them. This is a major pro for this breed; you need to choose a cat that will love every member of the family.

  • They Are So Fluffy

Cats are naturally fluffy with long hair, which makes them so beautiful. A downside of this trait is that cat hair will be everywhere! You can find hair on the couch, floor, or even in the air! Norwegian Forest Cat, however, is not the same. It has a long coat, but its coat does not require too much grooming, nor do they have too much shedding. You may just need to brush every three or four days to make sure you get the excess hair.

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