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Chapter One: Understanding Jack Russell Terrier

Chapter Two: Jack Russell Terrier Requirements

Chapter Three: Purchasing a Jack Russell Terrier

Chapter Four: Caring Guidelines for Jack Russell Terrier

Chapter Five: Nutritional Needs of Jack Russell Terrier Dogs

Chapter Six: Maintenance for Jack Russell Terrier Dogs

Chapter Seven: Showing Your Jack Russell Terrier

Chapter Eight: Breeding Your Jack Russell Terrier Dogs

Chapter Nine: Keeping Your Dog Healthy

Chapter Two: Jack Russell Terrier Requirements

Getting a dog is not just getting a breed that you’ve heard about, or what is popular, or what your neighbor has. There is such a thing as compatibility of a pet to its dog owner. Not every dog is the right dog for you. You have to make sure that it fits you, your family and the environment that you have.

This chapter contains information about the pros and cons of having a Jack Russell Terrier breed as a pet. It also discusses the average associated cost, and licensing which is required for you to become a legitimate JRT owner if you fix on to be one.

Do You Need a License?

There are certain regulations and restrictions that should be taken in to consideration when purchasing a dog, or in this case Jack Russell Terrier. Acquiring a license for your pets can be different depending on the country, state and region that you are in.

In the United States, there is no federal requirement for getting a license for your pets, but it is the State that regulars these kinds of rules. Though it is not required for you dogs to get a license, it is important that you do so. It will not just provide a protection for your pet, but also to you as a pet owner. An identification number is placed in your dog licensed which is directly linked to your contact details as the owner. This can be very helpful in case your pet gets lost.

It is important to take note that before you can get your dog a license, you must be vaccinated against rabies. This is the only requirement for you to acquire a license. Dog license are renewable every year which means that you have to get another rabies vaccination.

How Many JRT’s should You Keep?

It is advisable to keep one Jack Russell Terrier per home. As mentioned in some sections of this chapter, JRT’s requires a lot of time and attention when it comes to training. It will be hard for you to train a lot of JRT’s. Also, this kind of breed is not an easy breed for first time dog owners. This breed is also has a heavy shedding coat which makes them high maintenance when it comes to grooming. This can also prove a point of owning one Jack Russell Terrier.

Owning more than one of any breed is still up to the pet owner since it takes a significant amount of effort in giving them all their needs. Of course, these needs do not only mean that you will provide for their physical daily needs, but also the significant time and affection that is vital for their growth and development. You must be willing to give your best effort in all the aspects of your life when you decide to get a dog.

Do JRT’s get Along with Other Pets?

This breed was especially bred for hunting purposes which explains why they do not get a long much with other pets as compared to other breeds. JRT’s tend to be aggressive and dominant that is why other pet may tend to feel intimidated around them. But through proper training and socialization, they can get along well eventually.

This breed does not only have natural hunting instincts, but they are also highly energetic. Their energy may have the tendency to shy away other dogs. This may also be a trigger for other pets to quarrel with the JRT.

How Much Does it Cost to Keep a JRT?

You may think getting a dog is just easy as 1, 2, 3! But of course, it entails a lot of responsibilities as a pet owner. Owning a pet does not come cheap because you need to provide for their needs to make sure that they grow up healthy and reach their life expectancy.

This section is an overview of the expenses of owning a Jack Russell Terrier. The expenses listed below include veterinary care, food and treats, toys, grooming and cleaning supplies. This can help you determine whether your pocket is ready for owning a pet.

Initial Costs

The average cost in purchasing a JRT from a reputable breeder is about $800 to $1,000. It is important to buy from a reputable breeder because it will save you money and effort from getting a dog that has a lot of health issues. Other initial cost to factor in includes crate, leash and color, initial vaccination/licensing, spay/neuter and grooming supplies. Prices may vary on different locations, but below is an average of each of the initial purchase cost:

Initial Costs Overview

Spaying or Neutering $200
Medical Examination $70
Crate $50
Vaccination/Licensing $75
Leash and Collar $30
Grooming Supplies $35
Total $460

Having a pet is also like having a child. There is really a need for you to spend money to take good care and maintain your pet. If you do not take good care of your pet, you might find yourself losing them eventually. These expenses will surely add up to your everyday expenditure, but it will surely be worth it.

Remember that providing the dogs needs is also a way of showing your love and affection for them.

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