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Chapter One: Understanding Chinese Li Hua Cats

Chapter Two: History and Characteristics of the Chinese Li Hua

Chapter Three: Is the Chinese Li Hua the Right Breed for You?

Chapter Four: Keeping Chinese Li Hua as Household Pets

Chapter Five: Tips in Buying Dragon Li Cats

Chapter Six: Requirements and Costs of Keeping Chinese Li Hua Cats

Chapter Seven: Housing and Safety of Your Chinese Li Hua Cat

Chapter Eight: Feeding Your Chinese Li Hua Cats

Chapter Nine: Good Hygiene for Your Chinese Li Hua Cats

Chapter Ten: Guidelines on Socializing Your Chinese Li Hua Cats

Chapter Two: History and Characteristics of the Chinese Li Hua

Once you get a load of the Chinese Li Hua, you will understand why it is such a magnificent cat with awesome traits and possess the behaviors a cat lover looks for in cats. These cats, for the length of time they have been in occurrence in their native China, are few in numbers here in the United States. It is reported that there are currently about four Dragon Li cats in the US. However, other reports have stated that the four have multiplied to about 70+ cats scattered throughout the country. This Chinese domestic breed of feline is said to come from the dynastic culture of ancient Chinese folklore. Dragon Li cats are believed to be a naturally occurring breed, which means they are a single breed. They are not a combination of multiple different breeds.

The strikingly beautiful cat is known by many different names, as you may have noticed from the onset of this reading. The Chinese Li Hua, the common name of the cat here on the shores of the United States, is locally known in China as the Dragon LI. It is also known as the Li Hua Mau or Li Hua Mao or just the simplified Li Mao. It has been a cat that has flanked the sides of humans and has shared household with us for a long, long time. Documentation of them being present in ancient households in China is many. They are believed to be one of the oldest domesticated breeds and a breed that has not been interfered with by man.  It is a loyal feline sort who possesses great quality traits of a home companion and pet.

Indeed, the Chinese Li Hua as whole share particular genetic characteristics but you will notice their subtle differences in personality as you start getting to know each individual Dragon Li. When you do, you will realize how, much like people, these cats have diverse moods and personalities from each other. It is a very inquisitive cat, being the hunter that it is who may tend to shadow and follow you around the house as you goes about the chores of your day.

Pay mind where you step because the Chinese Li Hua may just be relaxing under foot. They could also just be a step behind you, so watch it, should you have to retrace your steps, lest you trip on the cat.

The Li Hua, for all its adoration of the humans it shares space with, is a pretty independent cat. There are so many reasons why cat aficionados should have a Li Hua in their mix. It is a self – sufficient cat who needs very little grooming maintenance, apart from the monthly nail trimming and bi weekly fur brushing. Grooming it on a daily basis may be as simple as cleaning out its ears and fur with a damp cloth. There is very little need to give the Li Hua a weekly bath because it does have short hair. All they really need is a routine good once-over of their body, paying mind to cleaning the insides of their ears, and they are good to go.

The Chinese Li Hua is known for its superior intelligence, and there are many manuscripts of old which can attest to this fact. There are even some texts that talk of a mystical Li Hua who was able to speak and give bidding to its human wards. A magical creature it is indeed! In real life, the Dragon Li Hua has been reported to be such a highly intelligent creature that one owner was able to teach it to fetch the morning paper! It is exceptionally easier to train the Li Hua to do tricks than it is to train most other feline breeds. The Li Hua has a perspicuous, stark and effective relationship with its human wards.

It may not be the overly affectionate type who would love to sit quietly on your lap, but it does enjoy being in your company along with the rest of the family. Just being around the presence of its humans gives it contentment and makes it a happy camper. Overall, it is a cat that thrives well with other cats and domesticated animals but is one who also loves to spend time on its own. It is not unusual to find your Li Hua starting off thoughtfully into space, not is it unusual to see it in all its playful glory when its favorite humans are present.

There have been a massive amount of reports about the healing qualities cats bring to humans they interact with. Humans who share roof with cats have reported that their tension and stress levels have gone down remarkably ever since they started having their cats around them. Felines in general seem to have a cathartic quality about them that helps relieve the tension of people. The Chinese Li Hua make for excellent pets for the individual who has to be at the office for most of the day. They are independent and can thrive well on their own without fear of them tearing up the house or developing separation anxiety or distress due to your absence. They are playful and rambunctious, much like other feline sorts, but will be just happy to sit somewhere close to you when you are working at your desk in your home office.

Characteristics of Chinese Li Hua

All potential pet owners should take the time to get to know their intended pets before they actually go out and start the acquisition process of taking home one. Whether the pet be of the water, land, cold-blooded or furry sort, getting to know the general traits of the pet you intend to bring home, puts you at an advantage of being able to care for them properly. Getting off on the right foot with your intended pet, whether it be your first pet or an addition you wish you add to the mix, allows for better integration and home transition for the new pet (as well as for the existing ones, if you have them).  This cat, much like other cats needs to be watched in terms of weight gain and over eating. The lithe and active is a moderately active cat, with great hunting prowess and possesses endearing qualities which are easy to warm up to.

It has been reported that there are millions of cat aficionados in the United States and in addition to this report, it has been said that there are even more cat owners in America than there are dog owners. This is a great testament to the ongoing consensus of the cat being a great household companion for any individual or family.

The much-mentioned in ancient folklore, the Chinese Li Hua is a pretty big cat, weighing in at 8 to 12 lbs. upon maturity. The Dragon Li is a predominantly brown and black tabby cat with big, rounded eyes that comes in shades of yellow, brown, or the preferred, green.

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