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  • Water Purification Options During A Zombie Apocalypse
  • There are several options for really lightweight on-the-go water purification beyond actual water purifying tablets like the ones I talked about in the chapter on your Altoids ® survival kit. This first one is pretty good, but it does need batteries, which you already understand will become more and more problematic over time. That being said, a […]

  • Are Burmese Cats Fun?
  • Are Burmese cats fun? There are actually various folks who have Burmese pussy-cats that claim that they also love getting games since it gives all of them some type of psychological excitement. Are Burmese cats fun? The Burmese pussy-cat kind has a track record for being actually a really brilliant type. Burmese pet cats are […]

  • What Are the Side Effects to Watch Out For?
  • What are the side effects to watch out for? Various bodybuilding supplements continue to be marketed to health buffs to help them build up their muscles. What are the side effects to watch out for? However, you should be careful with what kind of supplements you take, and beforehand, you must be aware of possible […]

  • How to Perform Ritual Magic?
  • How to perform ritual magic? Ritual magic can be performed either simply or elaborately, depending on how extensive your goal is. How to perform ritual magic? Ritual magic involves casting spells through the use of certain words or invocations, gestures, actions, and offerings done at specific magical prerequisites such as time and place. How to […]

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