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    Glossary of Dog Terms4
    Chapter One: Yorkshire Terrier in Focus10
    Facts About Yorkshire Terriers11
    Quick Facts13
    Yorkshire Terrier Breed History15
    Chapter Two: Yorkshire Terrier Requirements17
    License Requirements18
    United States Licensing for Dogs18
    Great Britain Licensing for Dogs19
    How Many Yorkshire Terrier Should You Keep?20
    Do Yorkshire Terriers Get Along with Other Pets?21
    Ease and Cost of Care21
    Initial Costs22
    Monthly Costs27
    Pros and Cons of Yorkshire Terrier30
    Chapter Three: Tips in Buying a Yorkshire Terrier33
    Finding a Reputable Yorkshire Terrier Breeder34
    Tips in Choosing a Reputable Breeder34
    Rescue Dogs Adoption36
    List of Breeders and Rescue Websites37
    U.S. Yorkshire Terrier Breeders37
    U.S. Yorkshire Terrier Recues38
    U.K. Yorkshire Terrier Breeders39
    U.K. Yorkshire Terrier Rescues39
    Selecting a Healthy Yorkshire Terrier40
    Tips on How to Puppy-Proof Your Home42
    Chapter Four: Caring Guidelines for Yorkshire Terriers46
    Ideal Habitat Requirements for Yorkshire Terriers47
    Supplies and Equipment for Your Yorkshire Terrier48
    Setting Up Your Yorkshire Terrier’s Crate51
    Chapter Five: Nutritional Needs of Yorkshire Terrier53
    The Nutritional Needs of Dogs54
    How to Select a Healthy Dog Food Brand56
    Tips for Feeding Your Yorkshire Terrier59
    Toxic Foods to Avoid60
    Chapter Six: Training Your Yorkshire Terrier63
    Socializing Your Puppy64
    Tips in Training Your Yorkshire Terrier66
    Tips in Housebreaking Your Yorkshire Terrier Puppy68
    Chapter Seven: Grooming Your Yorkshire Terrier72
    Recommended Tools for Grooming73
    Tips for Bathing and Grooming Yorkshire Terriers74
    Other Grooming Tasks77
    Chapter Eight: Breeding Yorkshire Terrier80
    Basic Dog Breeding Information81
    Mating Behavior of Dogs81
    Tips for Breeding Your Yorkshire Terrier83
    Labor Process of Yorkshire Terriers85
    Chapter Nine: Showing Your Yorkshire Terrier88
    Yorkshire Terrier Breed Standard89
    Tips on Preparing Your Yorkshire Terrier for Show94
    Chapter Ten: Keeping Your Yorkshire Terrier Healthy98
    Common Health Problems of Yorkshire Terriers99
    Recommended Vaccinations for Yorkshire Terriers114
    Signs of Possible Illnesses116
    Yorkshire Terrier Care Sheet118
    Basic Yorkshire Terrier Information119
    Habitat Requirements120
    Nutritional Needs121
    Breeding Information122
    Photo Credits132

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