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Chapter One: Vizsla Dog Facts and Descriptions

Chapter Two: Choosing and Acquiring a Vizsla Dog

Chapter Three: Preparing for Your Vizsla Dog

Chapter Four: Feeding Your Vizsla Dog

Chapter Five: Grooming Your Vizsla Dog

Chapter Six: Training and Behavior Modification

Chapter Seven: Vet Care for Your Vizsla Dog

Chapter Eight: Showing Your Vizsla Dog

Chapter Nine: Breeding Your Vizsla Dog

Chapter Two: Choosing and Acquiring a Vizsla Dog

Where to Look For Vizsla Dogs?


If you are interested in adopting your new Vizsla from a breeder, it is important to remember that not all breeders are created equal. Some establishments that may call themselves breeders are actually puppy mills, large scale breeding operations solely concerned with turning a profit. You may also be looking at an unlicensed breeder who is, in reality, just a random person who happens to have a dog with papers and wants to make money. In either case, making money is prioritized over the well being of the animal, often resulting in puppies that are in poor health.

So how do you avoid getting your new dog from one of these so-called breeders? Remember that they are overly concerned with profit. The breeder that you want to deal with is the breeder that respects the process and cares about the health of the animals being produced. These types of breeders will not simply hand puppies out to anyone who comes along. They will want to make sure that you are someone who is equipped to properly manage and care for the animal.

You should also Breed and Kennel Clubs as they can be excellent resources for finding a responsible dog breeder.

Once you’ve found a possible puppy, ask to see where the puppies spend their time and keep an eye on the cleanliness of the location. Examine the dogs themselves to check for health concerns or general lethargy. Remember that a happy and healthy puppy is usually also a lively one. Ask for vet records and information on care and training. A good breeder should also be a knowledgeable one. Finally, make sure there is a contract. A formal contract is a sign of professionalism.

One last thing to note when looking at breeders is the number of breeds being represented. Puppy mills tend to be indiscriminate about how many breeds they churn out. If you are looking for a healthy Vizsla from a trusted breeder, look for breeders that deal solely in Vizsla dogs. This will be the first step in finding a trustworthy organization.

do you start looking for a Vizsla breeder? Breeders for various breeds of dog are located all over the country. A simple Google search could help you find one that is conveniently located to you. The American Kennel Club can also help you locate approved breeders through their website. Any breeders found here would be members of an AKC licensed club or part of member clubs that have AKC registerable puppies available.


If you are worried about buying from the right kind of breeder or the expense of buying from a breeder is more than you can manage at the moment, you can also try looking at Vizsla rescues for dogs in desperate need of a good home.

Right now there are dozens of Vizsla rescues all over the country. A quick Google search could yield a variety of lists that provide links to every rescue. In fact, nearly every single state can boast a rescue or two for Vizsla dogs. Several, New York and Florida among them, can boast more than four individual rescues.

Just as with breeders, you want to make sure that you are dealing with a reputable organization before you make your move to adopt a new pet. First and foremost, rescues are nonprofits and should be registered charities. They should also be well staffed and responsive. Organizations that can’t take care of or retain employees may have similar challenges when properly taking the needs of a rescue dog into consideration. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and even visit the facility in person before deciding to adopt a dog through them. You should also not be shy about doing a little research on the organization. Check out reviews and any other indications of what the public perception of the rescue might be.

Let’s say that you’ve done your research and you’ve found the perfect place with the perfect dog. Be prepared for the third degree. Remember that adopting from a rescue is not the same as adopting from a shelter. These are not simply dogs that people decided they were no longer equipped to care for. Rescue dogs may have suffered neglect, abandonment, or abuse. Rescues will have worked hard to rehabilitate these animals and they want to make sure that their new homes will be improvements upon their old ones. This may seem frustrating when all you want to do is play with your new best friend, but try to remember that it is in everyone’s best interest including the Vizsla that you will soon come to love.

Puppies or Adult?

Whether or not to buy a puppy is a serious question. Now that we’ve taken some time to go over where to find and what you can expect from breeders and rescues, it’s time to think about which is a better choice for you. If you find yourself desperate to start playing with Tiny Fido in the backyard, then you’re probably eager to get your hands on a Vizsla puppy. Puppies can be a wonderful choice and not just for the obvious reasons.

It’s already been stated that a puppy is more impressionable than an adult Vizsla. If you have some experience with training and you want to nurture your dog from the ground up, making sure both your furniture and your sanity stay in one piece, puppies may be the way to go. It makes for a more subtle transition into the Vizsla experience, avoiding a situation where you suddenly go from no dog to 120 lbs. of black and tan beast.

However, consider the possibility of giving that adult rescue with the curious black eyes and untamed saliva a chance. Adult dogs can actually be easier to handle than their wriggly counterparts. True, it may be harder to teach them “new tricks” as the adage goes, but you don’t need new tricks when the old ones work just as well. Many of these dogs may already be socialized for animals and children, making your life substantially easier. Their personalities are already established, allowing you to know exactly what kind of fit they are instead of hoping and praying that Tiny Fido doesn’t grow up to redecorate your living room.

Picking the Right Dog

Whether you decide to go with a puppy or a fully-grown Vizsla, there a few items to consider before picking out your new best friend. First and foremost, you need to remember that this is not a question of good or bad dogs, nor is it a question of good or bad families. This is simply a matter of comparing the particular needs of the dog with the particular needs of the family and finding the right match.

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