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Chapter One: Biological Information

Chapter Two: Owning Your Russian Tortoise

Chapter Three: Purchasing Your Russian Tortoises

Chapter Four: A Happy Household for Your Russian Tortoises

Chapter Five: Russian Tortoise’s Feeding Guide

Chapter Six: Proper Hygiene and Grooming For Your Russian Tortoise

Chapter Seven: Care Sheet and Summary

Chapter Three: Purchasing Your Russian Tortoises

In this part, we will give you a run down on the things you need to see about your Russian Tortoise. Aside from this, we will also help you spot the best and reputable breeder in your area. We will also be giving you different places where you can buy your Russian Tortoises.

In purchasing your pet, you need to primarily now the background of both the pet and breeder and how s/he raised it. In some scenarios, you could also acquire your Russian Tortoise in the internet and these sites could also help you in your journey as a reptile owner. Buying healthy species is the key to have a happy and healthy tortoise in the future. If you have chosen the correct specie, you would have a time of your life when you are taking care of it.

Where Can I Acquire My Russian Tortoise?

In this part, we will be giving you place where you can purchase your own Russian tortoise and how to spot if the seller is selling it legally or illegally.

There are a lot of choices in this section, thus, we will be providing you with the pros and cons so you can choose the best choice possible.

Keep an open mind with all of these choices easily available to you, find on that are easily convenient to you and would present you with the best result possible. But, you can also ask around and seek advice from professionals and friends. You can also ask other reptile owners who their preferred seller is. A trustworthy referral is better than a ton of reviews.

Local Pet Stores/ Concept Stores

This is the first choice for many people. People who prefer this path are those who do not have enough time to search for the right place to buy your first pet.

You just need to go to your nearest pet store and select the healthiest Russian Tortoise.

People like this option because it is very accessible for many areas and this is for people who have little to no time in seeking a right place. However, some stores might not carry the breed of choice. Aside from that, you could not really know the background knowledge about the specie that you would want. And, you still need to drive to the nearest pet store to buy your pet. Remember, some pet stores are just ‘production’ sites, which means that they do not really care for the quality of the species, they just want to have the highest number of specie as possible.

Backyard/Private Owners

Backyard owners are those who breed their own Russian Tortoise. If you have already bought a pet, you might know the process on how this goes.

Some people prefer this option because they can truly know the breeder of the specie that they want. They would know how background of both the parents and the tortoise itself. Aside from that, you can ask the breeder several questions about the chosen specie, you can ask how to take care of it and housing requirements.

If both you and the breeder are friendly, you can even haggle the price of the chosen tortoise. You can know the real characteristics of the tortoise through talking to the owner. However, you might have a difficult time in searching for the best owner possible. You might need to ask for referrals from your family and friends, and you should not immediately settle down on the first breeder of your choosing. Other than that, you need to drive up to the specific breeding spots to thoroughly inspect the place and the specie that you are looking for.

Some owners might even ‘scam’ you for money. If you do not know what questions to ask and what things to look for, you will be very easily fooled by the first person you see.

You can also know backyard breeders through conventions and even vets. They might know other people who own the specific specie that you want.

Online Stores

The internet age is upon us. It has given us a channel of endless possibilities. Further, it has given us online stores which ease our way on finding the thing that we want to buy.

You just need to browse different sites to know the best deal possible. Because we live in the digital, you can search on your laptops, smart phones and tablets! No one is stopping you from browsing a Russian Tortoise from your bathroom! In some stores, they may even offer you delivery. If you can’t drive up to the location, the Russian Tortoise will be given to you! However, you can’t really know the characteristic of the parent and the specific specie until they have given it to you. You might get scammed if you buy from sites that are not really verified.

If you want to continue doing this way, you might need to seek advice from your family and even friends, especially if they have bought from this location before.

The Reputable and Smart Russian Tortoise Breeder

Finding the right person to buy your Russian Tortoise from is very difficult. You need to do an extensive process before you even decide which breeder to choose.

First, you need to look for the breeder who is caring, responsible and reputable. Some might consider themselves as “reputable,” but there are tell – tale signs for you to know before you contact the people.

To know if the person you are looking for is a great breeder, you need to ask the correct questions about the specie that they are selling. Remember, you need to give the correct answers for you. If you are not satisfied with the answer that they have given you, go out and look for another breeder in your area.

Some breeders only raise up their specie because of money and not for health purposes. If you have encountered this person, run out the door because you do not need them in your life. Find someone who is in it to produce next generation of your chosen specie, and not just for the money. If the person you are talking to only knows the basic information and can’t answer the important questions – she or he is definitely not a breeder.

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