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“interesting read !! :-)”

great book ! still reading this one but very interesting, thank you !!



Not the longest of reads but well worth buying for your book collection as it lists important websites and Rex Cutty provides you with plenty of usefel information as he sticks to the facts concerning these elusive beasts. I, like the author, caught the cryptozoology bug as soon as I reached reading and writing age when I would let my imagination go wild.

Vampire Apocalypse


“Worth the Price!”

From identifying a vamp to protection strategies – a perfect read should a blood sucking terror ever occur!



“One Word –> AWESOME!!!”

this book was so entertaining and a little cheeky to boot. Now, do I believe the undead will be flooding the streets anytime soon… uh, I am not sure about that one… we will leave it at a maybe. Do I believe this book is helpful should this scenario ever play out… definitely. As for the reviewer that stated “nothing you can’t find online” … “gleaned from XYZ” … “written in teenage prose” I can kind of agree nut was a somewhat weird review as 1) what can’t you find online these days (I for one don’t want to scour the internet all day as I prefer all of this information in one spot and entertaining as a bonus) 2) what isn’t “gleaned from” I mean how many truly original ideas exist but this work was an interesting twist for me and I recommend it. 3) written in teenage prose… don’t even know what to say I mean look at the topic… although that is somewhat not fair because I am not a teenager and found the book to be informative, enjoyable, and entertaining.


“Five Stars”


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