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Chapter One: Thinking of Keeping a Reeves Turtle?

Chapter Two: Choosing Reeves Turtles as Pets

Chapter Three: A Suitable Habitat for your Reeves Turtle

Chapter Four: Meal Plan to Your Reeves Turtle

Chapter Five: Life Cycle of Your Reeves Turtle

Chapter Six: Keeping Your Reeves Turtle Healthy

Chapter Seven: Medical Problems of Reeves Turtles

Chapter Two: Choosing Reeves Turtles as Pets

The first chapter has dwelt with the basics of the Reeves Turtle; we have given you its basic characteristics and its short but rich background. The first chapter has also given you quick facts that you need to remember every time you need to take care of your pet.

In this chapter, we will be talking about the behavioural traits, budgets, and other necessary things about the Reeves Turtle. These things might entice you to have your own turtle in the near future.

There are still a lot of things that you need to know about the Reeves Turtle. You might think that this turtle is just easy to take care of, but you need to prepare not only yourself but also your home if you want to welcome a Reeves Turtle in your homes.

What Makes It a Great Pet

A pet is an addition for a single or even a family household. It would really spark up your world and give your life a little more thrill. Just like in any decision that you will make, you need to think things through before bringing it home. Remember, adding a pet is just like welcoming a new baby into the house. Make sure you are financially and mentally ready.

After you have chosen your desired pet, you need to put all effort into taking care of your pet. You need to be ready with your budget as well as time to give the best time for your pet.

A Reeves Turtle is one of the best choices for beginner turtle owners. However, some people are still scared in taking care of turtles. You need to provide the same environment your turtle has in its wildlife state. It might be difficult at first, but you would surely learn from it.

Temperament and Behavioral Characteristics

  • They are not social animals.
  • These turtles could cohabitate with the same specie or even other specie just with the same habitat needs.
  • Both male and female could be very territorial or dominant in terms of aggression, but this could not give serious injury as long as you provide enough hiding areas and space.
  • You need to provide a big house so your turtles could not offend other turtles especially if you can see aggression from your pets.
  • Reeves Turtle is not a domesticated animal; they do not love human contact and affection, and they should not be handled except it is extremely necessary.
  • You should only handle these turtles to inspect their injuries or health; aside from that, they should only be handled for relocation of your pets.
  • Handling your Reeves Turtle could be very stressful for your pet. It could scratch or even bite you; thoroughly wash your hand before and after handling so you will not get any disease from your pet.

These are just some of the basic behavioral characteristics of your Reeves Turtle. There are other traits that we have not tackled; however, you could know these characteristics and traits as you raise your Reeves Turtle on your own.

Why Own A Turtle?

Every one of us has dreamed of owning a turtle at any part of our lives. You could have woken up one day and realized that you want to have a turtle in your life.

Here are some reasons why you might want to own a turtle now:

  1. Reeves Turtles are Adorable

Turtles are considered to be little cute creatures. However, they still have a lot of personality. This specific kind of turtle does not like to be taken out of their habitat or  even played with. You can still look at them in the eyes and see if they do not like you. You could still see them have fun and grow up into an adult turtle.

  1. They are somehow cheap.

Reeves Turtles are cheaper compared to your other household pet. You can easily find them in most pet stores and once set – up, they are relatively easy to take care of.

  1. Reeves Turtles are low maintenance pets.

Once you have given them the correct habitat, as well as food and enough space, they are relatively easy to maintain. You can even go on a number of days without looking them up.

  1. They are, generally, harmless.

Your Reeves Turtle is generally harmless. They would not really scratch or even bite you for no reason at all. This goes great for families with small children. You can find harmless turtles in pet stores.

  1. They could teach you responsibility.

When you own a pet, it could teach you to become responsible. It could teach you to take care something aside from yourself. They are typically easier than your dog, but it is just as important.

  1. They are always there to listen to you.

You could always count on your pet to listen to your problems. They always have a listening ear ready for anything that you would share with it.

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