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“Lots of Good Info”

Learning lots about our 11 week old frenchie


“French Bulldog”

I recently met a Frenchy and was impressed with how friendly and cute he was. This book answered a lot of questions I had about the breed.


Informative well written guide for any french bulldog owner.

This is a well written very helpful book with all the information I was looking for in relation to owning a french bulldog. It’s full of useful information and unlike other french bulldog books that seem to focus largely on showing these dogs and the breed standard for showing, this book is focused on what the owner of a french bulldog needs to know in order to ensure that they are meeting all its needs and bringing up a happy healthy frenchie. I had bought several other french bulldog books at the time of purchasing this kindle book (which I read on my Amazon Fire) and this is by far the best one. I really wish it was also available as a paperback as I’d love to buy it for friends.


“An informative read!”

Our French bulldog is just 19 weeks old, this book has everything from puppy to breeding to issues in old age. Great reD and free with Amazon prime.


“Very Informative”

Great reading and useful information that should be taken into account if you are a new owner to a Frenchie as clearly these dogs are different to others.

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