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Chapter One: Understanding Erectile Dysfunction

Chapter Two: Causes of Erectile Dysfunction

Chapter Three: Common Myths and Misconceptions

Chapter Four: Medical Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

Chapter Five: Natural Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

Chapter Six: Enjoying Sex In Spite of Erectile Dysfunction

Chapter Seven: Could a Sex Therapist Help?

Chapter Eight: Is Lack of Confidence Causing ED?

Chapter Four: Medical Treatments for Erectile Dysfunction

In this chapter, you will learn the information that you need from setting up the appointment to seeing your doctor and preparing for what happens in the medical world to treat those with Erectile Dysfunction. At times the medical way is the last resort. Most doctors will offer natural remedies before going to medical aids like medication or surgery.

Prepare for the Appointment

You will more than likely begin with your family doctor or even a general practitioner. It will depend on the causes for your Erectile Dysfunction. The doctor may suggest a specialist depending on the cause, or even send you to a doctor that specializes in genital problems.

Before Your Appointment

Before you appointment there are aspects of your life you should make a list of. Here is a walk through of what you will need handy for your appointment.

  • Ask the receptionist if there is anything special you may need to do before or bring for the appointment. Blood tests might need to be done and the doctor may need you to avoid eating before the appointment.
  • Write down symptoms that you have experienced. This needs to include anything that may seem unrelated. It might just be the cause of your condition.
  • Make a list of important personal information. This includes any life changes, large situations that may have brought on a tremendous amount of stress, or any other mental conditions that you may be facing.
  • Take your partner with you. This may seem embarrassing, but your partner may be able to offer up additional information that you may have forgotten or have not thought of as being part of the problem.
  • List of questions you would like to ask the doctor. We all do it, we plan on asking key questions, but once in the doctor’s office we forget them. Make a list of questions that pop into your head so you do not forget to ask.

Questions to Add to Your List for the Doctor

            Here is a list of basic questions that you will need to ask the doctor during your visit.

  • What is the likely cause of the problem?
  • What are the other possible causes?
  • What tests should be done?
  • Does it seem temporary or permanent?
  • What is the best treatment for you?
  • What are the alternatives to a medical approach?
  • How can it be managed with other health problems?
  • Are there any restrictions?
  • Should you see a specialist?
  • What will this cost?
  • Will the insurance cover treatments?
  • Is there a generic form of medication that can be prescribed?
  • Is there any printed material that you can read to help with the understanding of Erectile Dysfunction?

Questions the Doctor May Ask

            Here is a list of some questions that the doctor may ask you. There may be more or even less. The list is to help prepare you to answer the questions and have the information ready.

  • What health concerns or other chronic issues do you have?
  • Have you had other sexual issues?
  • Do you have any changes in your sex drive?
  • Are you able to masturbate?
  • Do you get an erection with the help of your partner or when you are sleeping?
  • Are there problems in the relationship?
  • Is there a problem with your sex life?
  • Does your partner have a sexual issue?
  • Do you feel depressed, anxious, or under a tremendous amount of stress?
  • Have you been diagnosed with any mental disorders?
  • Are you on any type of medicine for mental issues or physical disorders?
  • Do you only experience Erectile Dysfunction at specific time, some times, or every time?
  • When was the first time you experienced this?
  • Do you take any natural remedies for anything?
  • Do you drink much alcohol?
  • Do you take any drugs; illegally?
  • What improves the symptoms for you?
  • What worsens the symptoms for you?

Tests for Erectile Dysfunction

For many of the men that go to the doctor for this condition, they will be physically examined and answer questions about their medical history. The doctor will then offer a recommended treatment for the condition. If the issue is linked to a chronic health condition or if the doctor suspects that there may be an underlying condition, then you may have to see a specialist that your doctor will put you into contact with. Here is a list of tests that you may need to have done for Erectile Dysfunction.

  • Physical Examination: This can include an examination of the penis, the testicles, and checking the nerves for different sensations.
  • Blood Test: You may need to give a bloodsample to run through the lab. It will look for underlying conditions, heart disease, low testosterone, or diabetes.
  • Urine Test: Just like the blood tests, the urinetest will be used to offer any signs of diabetes or other health conditions that could be a cause of your condition.
  • Ultrasound: This is a test that is performed by the specialist in their office. It will involve using a wand type of devices that is held over your blood vessels that give blood to your penis. It will create a video image that will allow the doctor to see if there are any blood flow issues in the veins. At times this test is partnered with an injection of different medications into your penis in order to stimulate the flow of blood.
  • Overnight Test: There are some men that will have an erection while sleeping. They will not remember due to the fact that they were sleeping. One test is to do an overnight erection test. It will involve wrapping a device around the penis before going to bed. It will measure the amount and strength of an erection that has been achieved through the night. It will help determine if the Erectile Dysfunction is related to a physical cause or psychological cause.
  • Psychological Examination: The doctor may ask a few different questions to screen for anxiety, depression, or other psychological causes of your Erectile Dysfunction.

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