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“Great information on POTS”

I have a friend who has been diagnosed with POTS (Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome), or dysautonomia. I had absolutely no idea what this was or how I could possibly be supportive, so I went searching for more information. I came across this very detailed and informative book by Frederick Earlstein. There is great information here about what POTS is, signs and symptoms, causes and treatment for it and tips for living with POTS. I particularly appreciated the information on living with POTS and the chapter on research on resources to get additional information. A very well-written and well-organized book on an elusive disorder.


“This is an amazing read for anyone with POTS”

This is an amazing read for anyone with POTS. I read it and got a better understanding. I was able to read it in one day and then gave it to my family members to read after I had read it and wrote side notes inside and highlighted the symptoms I have. I gave it to family members to help them understand and believe in the condition more, since they are skeptics. I also gave it to my Primary Care Doctor to read to help him understand it better as well. He has been next to me on this journey and we have both been learning as we go. Hopefully after reading this book he can spot POTS and related conditions in other patients faster, reducing diagnosis timing!


“Excellent book and easy to read for a medical information book yet has tons of information”

A very helpful and easy to read book. Does a good job of covering signs and symptoms, causes and treatments, and living with POTS. Much better than most medical information books… highly recommended!

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