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“Most Authorative and Well Written Dwarf Hamster Book I could find!”

My all-time favorite Hamster Book!
I’ve read several hamster books in the past and just wasn’t particularly impressed.
This book specifically focused on Dwarf Hamsters has been the most helpful and complete.
I found the author to be a hands-down expert on the subject of all species of Dwarf Hamsters and the information was extremely helpful as we are rearing and managing our Robo Hamsters.
Articulate, well researched, clearly presented information that will ensure your success with hamsters of any species, but particularly, of course, the Dwarfs.
Because I already am pretty well informed about hamsters, I was pleased to learn even more but could discern that the information is indeed accurate and helpful.
Recommend to anyone!


“Buy this first!”

Not having ever owned a hamster, I invested in this before getting a hamster for my daughter. We ended up changing the type of dwarf hamster and cage we were going to get. We also knew what to buy beforehand and had a home ready-to-go, including Fluffy’s own carrier to bring her home in.


“Great information / Easy to read and thorough”

Awesome information!!! Purchase if you own a Dwarf Hamster or are planning on getting one. Many thanks to the author from a Dwarf Hamster owner AND Sammy Hammy. This book would have saved me a lot of money & worries if I had read it before I brought my Dwarf Hamster home. Will be referring to it again & again in the future.


“You need to read”

Supper helpful,


“up to date and fun book to read and learn about dwarf hamster care”

Very informative, up to date and fun book to read and learn about dwarf hamster care!

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