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Chapter One: Overview of Divination

Chapter Two: Divination during Ancient Times

Chapter Three: The Art of Divination

Chapter Four: Symbolic Thought

Chapter Five: The Nature of Time in Divination

Chapter Six: Altering Your Future

Chapter Seven: Advance Technique Part I

Chapter Eight: Advance Techniques Part II

Chapter Nine: Conclusion

Chapter Three: The Art of Divination

Anyone can successfully practice the ancient art of divination. As with anything else, if divination is practiced with an open mindedness of its underlying concepts, you can gain information concerning the past and future as well as analyzing the present situation.

Divination is more of a practical art. There are just a few complex techniques that require years of study but the concepts here in this book can be done with no such exertions. With a few exceptions, the tools presented in this book to apply divination are readily available with little to no cost at all. Before we discuss the methods, it is necessary to examine some of the finer points of the art. The next few chapters will provide you with so much information that is geared on how you can successfully apply divination.

The Appropriate Attitude

Your attitude toward the practice of divination is one of the most important aspects of the art. If you only perform divination to entertain others or just for fun chances are that you will receive incorrect messages, or you will not get anything accurate simply because you are not taking the process seriously.

This is just simple logic: Why should an oracle accurately respond when the diviner himself have no sincere interest of its messages. Doubt will come in especially during the earliest stages of your divinatory work, and that’s okay. You will at first have no experience that will convince you of your ability to perform divination but once you’ve grown comfortable with the proceedings, and perhaps have gained true insights into the past, present and future with the use of the techniques, you will eventually and gradually replace doubt with a firm knowledge of what divination is and you will become an effective diviner.

Your attitude towards the entire process could be base on your spirituality. If you are a religious or spiritual person, you might view this ancient art as the process that reveals messages sent by the oracle or a higher force. This can also help remove any doubts concerning the viability particularly during the earliest stages of your work for divination can be seen as something of an advice and/ or supplication for guidance. This also means that even if you’re not a spiritual person or you haven’t practice divination, you should still respect the methods and tools being used. Just like in martial arts, the tools of combat are mysterious and because of this, deserve our respect.

Always remember that divination has frequently changed the course of history. At some point in the past, divination has helped halt battles and even toppled evil rulers. Needless to say, it has been directly or indirectly responsible for the various ways in which numerous people have shaped their lives, and their society. So just respect the art, respect the tools and techniques used to practice it and be sincere when it comes to practicing it and be open to the responses you will received.

The Question

As mentioned in the first chapter, the types of responses produce in the art of divination includes a binary or a Yes/No Response, symbolic which is the creation of symbols or images, and also selective which chooses a specific prediction. All of these can be used to answer questions. However, divination is not always performed to answer specific questions. You see, readings can be use to get a general insight into the future but of course, most of us still need a responses to the question we have. This is why questions are of utmost importance.

Questions should be carefully formulated because if the questions are not clear, then the answers produced will be vague. You should be sincere with your desire for you to be able to receive a clear response. You also need to use common sense when asking questions. For instance, “Will I go to LA or New York next summer?” Obviously this question is not answerable by Yes or No (binary system). If you need to ask this question , it should be asked separately; “Will I go to LA this summer?” “Will I go to New York this summer?” Since the binary form is limited to answering yes or no, each of the possible choice or future event should be separately questioned.

Check out the series of questions below that’s about discovering the possible whereabouts of a lost wallet. The responses are gained by using the movement of the pendulum:

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