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“I’m glad I got it”

I actually found a little Beagle in the middle of the road near my house in the boonies, and ended up adopting her. After she was spayed, and the house settled-down, she gets along well with my 3 rescued Boston boys(“fixed,” of course.)I was actually looking for a little female Beagle to adopt, and there she was, right in front of me! Meant to be. She is feisty, and will not take any guff from my two BIG Boston boys. This book is very helpful to a new Beagle mom. Well-written; very informative; and has taught me a lot about Beagles. I’m glad I got it, and glad I got “Mags.”


“Beagles: The Ideal Hound”

I love beagles and they are ideal for me. I had been wanting a female beagle for years. I was on the wait list at several area shelters and waited for almost two years before I got a call about an abandoned and abused beagle pup who had been brought in. I immediately jumped at the chance to make that hound a part of my home and to this day I’m glad I did. With two weeks I had her spayed and worm free. A beautiful, lovable little hound, my beagle was a pet therapy dog for 3 years at a senior citizen center. Of all the dogs I’ve had before and since, my beagle was the best pet I ever had.

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