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“Great beginner book for someone looking to get a Ball python”

We recently adopted a fostered juvenile ball python and found this book to be extremely helpful. It is not overwhelming to read, like many of the contradictory posts on websites. It is arranged in chapters to make it easy to find info that you are looking for. The python we adopted was not doing well and the foster family admitted to not being the best to keep a snake. She was not eating and shedding phase was not smooth. With use of this book to navigate how best to set up her habitat and attempt to feed her after a week of being with us, she is thriving and took thawed feeder mouse immediately by following suggestions in book.


“Ball Pythons”

I like the book because it reveal a lot of important information regarding the keeping of a ball python. I would recommend the book to anyone interested in breeding or keeping these snakes as pets.


“All you need to know for your first ball python”

Great for first time snake owners



I learned everthing I needed to know before getting a ball python


“Handy to have”

This is a great primer for new ball python owners. I got a lot of useful information from it, and I’d recommend it to anyone who wants to get a python.



My 9 year old niece has a ball python and I got this for her, and she has poured over it. She loves it!

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