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Is Astrology Reliable?

Is astrology reliable? Over the years, there have been evidences that show correlations between the events of cosmos and the events happening here on earth. But if astrology can influence these circumstances, then it should be...

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Picking a Spot for Your Loft

In selecting a location or picking a spot for your loft, try to stay away from spots that are too near power lines. As well as trees, or structures with overhangs. When it comes to picking a spot for your loft, ideally the loft will sit in an area where it can be...

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Cortisol and Its Implications

The steroid hormone cortisol and its implications, produced by the adrenal glands; has a catabolic effect — it breaks down tissue — the very thing you do not want when you’re building mass. Cortisol and its implications is released during periods of high physical and...

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Protection Against Demonic Forces

When it comes to protection against demonic forces; in his letters, the Stoic philosopher Seneca points out that it is easy to remain a moral man if you never step beyond the door of your home. Unfortunately, life calls us to leave the safety of our dwellings, and in...

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