Demonology: Sorting Fact From Fiction: A Field Guide Of Demons In Christianity

By: Riley Star

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Product Description

Whether you believe that demons in the service of Satan are actively plotting to subvert God’s kingdom or you see such evil entities as metaphors for the struggle that is the human condition, this book will speak to you. Although cast in the language of Western Christian thought, the text looks to universal themes of good and evil and how they may be magnified or distorted in the filter of religion. The author does not, however, take issue with the fact that evil does exist in the world.

Little more is needed than a visit to your favorite news site or a perusal of the front page of a newspaper to know that horrific and inexplicable things happen every day. The personification of evil in the form of a Devil and his minions evolved over time in the Jewish spiritual tradition and then in the new Christianity. Satan was once seen as a member of God’s council and His ally in testing the faith of men, a role clear in the story of Job.

As the perception of Satan changed however, due in large part to the story of the War in Heaven told in the Book of Revelation, the forces of evil were cast down to the earth. Here, until the Day of Judgment, they are, according to scripture, free to try to subvert man’s relationship with God.

This book seeks to sift popular, fictional demonology from a canonical consideration of evil. A kind of popular “man on the street” common knowledge has evolved thanks to fiction, television, and film that leave the impression of a world forever locked in a cosmic struggle. Is this accurate, or are the faithful more secure than they realize from the machinations of the devil and demons?

Through an exploration of these ideas, plus accounts of famous demon possessions, the author grapples with these questions and more. An excellent introduction to demonology that acknowledges and respects the religious perspective without being religious per se, this is a fresh take on a centuries old debate.