Scabies and Lice Explained. Causes, Prevention, Treatment, and Remedies All Covered! Information Including Symptoms, Removal, Eggs, Home Remedies, in Pets, Natural Treatment, Life Cycle, Infestation, Race Specific, and Much More.

By: Frederick Earlstein

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Product Description

Millions of people suffer from Scabies and Lice. This books aims to provide the information sought out by those millions of people. Frederick Earlstein has written this medical education guide to provide an understanding of Scabies and Lice.

Information including symptoms, cure, removal, eggs, home remedies, in pets,[natural treatment, life cycle, infestation, race specific, and much more is all covered.

The book is written in an easy to read and understandable style.

In a straight forward, no nonsense fashion, Frederick Earlstein covers all aspects of Scabies and Lice. The book is full of informative content and answers to your questions – including some you didn’t know you had!


Not so fun topic but…,

this book is well written and informative. Covers all of what is needed to know regarding a topic most would rather avoid. Very, very helpful.

-Amazon Customer