Feeding Baby: Newborn To 24 Months. Including Breast Feeding, Baby Formula, Store Bought vs. Homemade Baby Food, Recipes, Equipment, Kitchenware, Natural Food, Organic Food, Charts, Scheduling, And Much More!

By: Cynthia Cherry

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Product Description

Once you become a parent you realize that you have taken for granted the complexity of something as simple as nourishing your body. All of that confidence and certainty on how to eat goes right out of the window once the reality that you have to feed someone else sets in – and that someone is your brand new baby that means the world to you. This book is the book that all parents look for once that reality sets in but until now was unavailable in one location.

Cynthia Cherry has written this very informative book providing everything you need to know to feed your child from newborn to 24 months of age.

Including breast feeding, baby formula, store bought vs. homemade baby food, recipes, equipment, kitchenware, natural food, organic food, charts, scheduling, and much more!

Feeding Baby is written in an easy to read and understandable style.

In a straight forward, no nonsense fashion, Cynthia Cherry covers all aspects of feeding you baby. The book is full of sound advice and answers to all of your questions.


New parent savior…,

I love this book. I didn’t know much about feeding babies or children prior to having a child. I looked for a go to guide and found it with this book. Very helpful an useful information for all mothers. Gives good advice on options and is not judgmental. Can’t recommend enough!

-Amazon Customer